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Sunday, November 24th 2019
Sun, Nov 24th 2019

Shortform [Beta]
9lifelonglearner17dEven now, I still don't think I like the LW redesign, mostly because of speed and aesthetics reasons. I know stuff is in place to speed up the site, so I guess that's a work in progress. The grey on grey for text, though, feels like it's way too long contrast; there's something else aesthetically going on where because everything is the same shade of light grey, nothing feels like it has "weight", and the focus isn't fully on the content either because of how it all doesn't seem to pop out. For me, all of the nifty new features like sequences, meetup pages, and shortform feeds feel like they're missing the point. If the site feels slow and doesn't seem to have the visual affordances, I don't feel compelled to participate as fully, regardless of what else I can do on the site. I'm glad greaterwrong exists because it addresses both of these issues, but I'm curious if these are turn-offs for other people.
8edoarad18dEmotions and Effective Altruism I remember reading Nate Soares' Replacing Guilt Series [ ] and identifying strongly with the feeling of Cold Resolve described there. I since tried a bit to give it some other words and describe it using familiar-er emotions, but nothing really good. I think that Liget [ ] , an emotion found in an isolated tribe at the philippines, might describe a similar emotion (except the head-throwing part). I'm not sure that I can explain that better than the linked article.
6Hazard18d"Moving from fossil fuels to renewable energy" but as a metaphor for motivational systems. Nate Soares replacing guilt [] seems to be trying to do this. With motivation, you can more easily go, "My life is gonna be finite. And it's not like someone else has to deal with my motivation system after I die, so why not run on guilt and panic?" Hmmmm, maybe something like, "It would be doper if large scale people got to more renewable motivational systems, and for that change to happen it feels important for people growing up to be able to see those who have made the leap."
4Hazard18dThere are two times when Occam's razor comes to mind. One is for addressing "crazy" ideas ala "The witch down the road did it" and one is for picking which legit seeming hypothesis might I prioritize in some scientific context. For the first one, I really like Eliezer's reminder [] that when going with "The witch did it" you have to include the observed data in your explanation. For the second one, I've been thinking about the simplicity formulation that one of my professors uses. Roughly, A is simpler than B if all data that is consistent with A is a subset of all data that is consistent with B. His motivation for using this notion has to do with minimizing the number of times you are forced to update.
4Hazard18d"Contradictions aren't bad because they make you explode and conclude everything, they're bad because they don't tell you what to do next." Quote from a professor of mine who makes formalisms for philosophy of science stuff.