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Thursday, January 9th 2020
Thu, Jan 9th 2020

Shortform [Beta]
4George16dI'm wondering if, in a competitive system with intelligent agents, regression to the mean is to be expected when one accumulates enough power. Thinking about the business and investment strategies that a lot of rich people advocate, they seem kinda silly to me. In that they match the mental model of the economy of someone who never really bothered studying the market would have. It's stuff like "just invest in safe index funds", and other such strategies that will never get you rich (nowadays) if you start out poor. Indeed, you'd find more creativity and have better luck getting rich in the theories of a random shitposters on /r/wallstreetbets Or take zero-sum~ish system, something like dating. I hear the wildest of ideas, models and plans from unusual wardrobe choices to texting strategies from people that are.... less than successful at attracting the other gender. But then when you talk to people that never in their life had an issue getting laid (i.e. pretty&charismatic people), they seem not to have spared a though about how to be attractive to the other gender or how to "pick up" someone or anything around those lines. They operate on a very "standard" model that's basically "don't worry to much about it, you'll end up finding the right person". I think you can find many such example, to put a post-structuralist spin on it: "People with power in a given system will have a very standard view of said system". In a lot of systems the more power you hold, the easier it is to make the system work for you. The easier it is to make the system work for you, the less sophisticated or counter-intuitive your model of the system has to be, since you're not looking for any "exploits", you can just let things take their course and you will be well-positioned barring any very unusual events. Whereas the less power you have, the more complex and unique your model of the system will have to be, since you are actively looking for said exploit to gain power in the system.