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Monday, June 29th 2020
Mon, Jun 29th 2020

17TurnTrout9dFor the last two years, typing for 5+ minutes hurt my wrists. I tried a lot of things: shots, physical therapy, trigger-point therapy, acupuncture, massage tools, wrist and elbow braces at night, exercises, stretches. Sometimes it got better. Sometimes it got worse. No Beat Saber, no lifting weights, and every time I read a damn book I would start translating the punctuation into Dragon NaturallySpeaking syntax. Have you ever tried dictating a math paper in LaTeX? Or dictating code? Telling your computer "click" and waiting a few seconds while resisting the temptation to just grab the mouse? Dictating your way through a computer science PhD? And then.... and then, a month ago, I got fed up. What if it was all just in my head, at this point? I'm only 25. This is ridiculous. How can it possibly take me this long to heal such a minor injury? I wanted my hands back - I wanted it real bad. I wanted it so bad that I did something dirty: I made myself believe something. Well, actually, I pretended to be a person who really, really believed his hands were fine and healing and the pain was all psychosomatic. And... it worked, as far as I can tell. It totally worked. I haven't dictated in over three weeks. I play Beat Saber as much as I please. I type for hours and hours a day with only the faintest traces of discomfort. What?
15ozziegooen8dI was recently pointed to the Youtube channel Psychology in Seattle. I think it's one of my favorites in a while. I'm personally more interested in workspace psychology than relationship psychology, but my impression is that they share a lot of similarities. Emotional intelligence gets a bit of a bad rap due to the fuzzy nature, but I'm convinced it's one of the top few things for most people to get better at. I know lots of great researchers and engineers who repeat a bunch of repeated failure modes, and this causes severe organizational and personal problems as a result. Emotional intelligence books and training typically seem quite poor to me. The alternative format here of "let's just show you dozens of hours of people interacting with each other, and point out all the fixes they could make" seems much better than most books or lectures I've seen. This Youtube series does an interesting job at that. There's a whole bunch of "let's watch this reality TV show, then give our take on it." I'd be pretty excited about there being more things like this posted online, especially in other contexts. Related, I think the potential of reality TV is fairly underrated in intellectual circles, but that's a different story.
3Dagon8dSo, has the NYT had any reaction, response, or indication that they're even considering the issue of publicizing private details of a pseudonymous author? Do we know when the article was planned for publication? Unrelatedly, on another topic altogether, are there any new-and-upcoming blogs about topics of rationality, psychiatry, statistics, and general smart-ness, written by someone who has no prior reputation or ties to anyone, which I should be watching?