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Tuesday, June 30th 2020
Tue, Jun 30th 2020

9romeostevensit1moMost communities I've participated in seem to have property X. Underrated hypothesis: I am entangled with property X along the relevant dimensions and am self sorting into such communities and have a warped view of 'all communities' as a result.
8Chris_Leong1moI really dislike the fiction that we're all rational beings. We really need to accept that sometimes people can't share things with us. Stronger: not just accept but appreciate people who make this choice for their wisdom and tact. ALL of us have ideas that will strongly trigger us and if we're honest and open-minded, we'll be able recall situations when we unfairly judged someone because of a view that they held. I certainty can, way too many times to list. I say this as someone who has a really strong sense of curiosity, knowing that I'll feel slightly miffed when someone doesn't feel comfortable being open with me. But it's my job to deal with that, not the other person. Don't get me wrong. Openness and vulnerability are important. Just not *all* the time. Just not *everything*.
2mr-hire1moI've been thinking a bit about the relationship between Perfectionism, Fear-of-Failure, and Fear-of-Success, as I've been teaching them this week in my course. They all have a very similar structure, where each has a component of a "shadow value" - something that's important to us that we tend not to acknowledge, as well as a "acknowledged value" - something that we allow ourselves to acknowledge as important. The solution for all 3 is similar - separate the shadow value from the known value, then figure out if each value (both shadow and known) actually applies to the situation, and how best to apply it. For Perfectionism, the Shadow Value is pleasing/being loved by/being accepted by others. The acknowledged value is having high standards for ourselves and our work. For Fear-of-Failure, the Shadow Value is protecting our identity. The acknowledged value is dealing with the negative external consequences of failure. For Fear-of-Success, the Shadow Value is being deserving of what we receive. The acknowledged value is dealing with the negative external consequences of success. What bugs me is... I don't know why all 3 of these happen to develop this very similar structure. It could just be a coincidence, but my gut tells me there is something unifying all 3 of these items together that I'm not seeing, and that understanding what it is would give me a more complete understanding of Procrastination. They all seem to somehow be related to "Standards" - but I'm still not seeing the underlying system.
1Rudi C1moAre there any good introductory textbooks on decision theory? I searched some months ago, but only found a nontechnical philosophical book ...