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Sunday, August 2nd 2020
Sun, Aug 2nd 2020

6AllAmericanBreakfast8dI'm experimenting with a format for applying LW tools to personal social-life problems. The goal is to boil down situations so that similar ones will be easy to diagnose and deal with in the future. To do that, I want to arrive at an acronym that's memorable, defines an action plan and implies when you'd want to use it. Examples: OSSEE Activity - "One Short Simple Easy-to-Exit Activity." A way to plan dates and hangouts that aren't exhausting or recipes for confusion. DAHLIA - "Discuss, Assess, Help/Ask, Leave, Intervene, Accept." An action plan for how to deal with annoying behavior by other people. Discuss with the people you're with, assess the situation, offer to help or ask the annoying person to stop, leave if possible, intervene if not, and accept the situation if the intervention doesn't work out. I came up with these by doing a brief post-mortem analysis on social problems in my life. I did it like this: 1. Describe the situation as fairly as possible, both what happened and how it felt to me and others. 2. Use LW concepts to generalize the situation and form an action plan. For example, OSSEE Activity arose from applying the concept of "diminishing marginal returns" to my outings. 3. Format the action plan into a mnemonic, such as an acronym. 4. Experiment with applying the action plan mnemonic in life and see if it leads you to behave differently and proves useful.
5TurnTrout8dIf you measure death-badness from behind the veil of ignorance, you’d naively prioritize well-liked, famous people with large families.
4Raemon7dAn interesting thing about Supernatural Fitness (a VR app kinda like Beat Saber) is that they are leaning hard into being a fitness app rather than a game. You don't currently get to pick songs, you pick workouts, which come with pep talks and stretching and warmups. This might make you go "ugh, I just wanna play a song" and go play Beat Saber instead. But, Supernatural Fitness is _way_ prettier and has some conceptual advances over Beat Saber. And... I mostly endorse this and think it was the right call. I am sympathetic to "if you give people the ability to choose whatever, they mostly choose to be couch potatoes, or goodhart on simple metrics", and if you want people to do anything complicated and interesting you need to design your app with weird constraints in mind. (Example: LessWrong deliberately doesn't show users the view-count of their posts. We already have the entire internet as the control group for what happens if you give people view-counts – they optimize for views, and you get clickbait. Is this patronizing? Yeah. Am I 100% confident it's the right call? No. But, I do think if you want to build a strong intellectual culture, it matters what kinds of Internet Points you give [or don't give] people, and this is at least a judgment call you need to be capable of making) But... I still do think it's worth looking at third options. Sometimes, I might really want to just jam to some tunes, and I want to pick the specific In the case of Supernatural Fitness, I think it is quite important that your opening experience puts you in the mindset of coaches and workouts, and that songs are clustered together in groups of 15+ minutes (so you actually get a cardio workout), and that they spend upfront effort teaching you the proper form for squats and encouraging you to maintain that form rather than "minimizing effort" (which I think Beat Saber ends up teaching you, and if you're coming from Beat Saber, you might have already internalized habits around) At f