LessWrong Community Weekend 2022

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LessWrong Community Weekend 2022 :: Save The Date


Next year’s LessWrong Community Weekend (LWCW) will take place from

Friday afternoon 26th of August 2022 


Monday morning 29th of August 2022 

It will be an in-person event again and as usual take place near Berlin, Germany.

We will post a formal announcement with a more extensive description once sign-up for the event has opened, likely around March 2022. For a description of the last in-person LWCW, see the 2019 announcement. If you would like a heads up once the sign-up announcement has been posted, you can leave your email address in the LWCW 2022 newsletter list. This post is intended to help future attendants with scheduling. 

While we already have a main organiser, we’re still looking for engaged volunteers. Putting together an event of this size for our community takes many hours of work, especially if we want to make it better every time. Perhaps you have benefitted from attending a LWCW in the past and want to give back now, or you want to learn the ropes of how to organise a bigger community event, or you simply feel excited being part of the nice organization/on-site team? If you are interested in volunteering, simply send us an email to lwcw.europe@gmail.com and we’ll be in touch! You also need not live in Berlin for this: managing sign-ups and answering attendee emails are some of the most crucial tasks to shape a great experience.

Lastly, if you have suggestions for this or future events, for example which keynote speakers we should consider inviting, leave them in the comments.

Warm greetings from JT, Daniel, Asia and Anne <3

2019 announcement: https://www.lesswrong.com/events/8fzBPHx8aQjrBNRqg/european-community-weekend-2019
LWCW 2022 newsletter list: https://airtable.com/shrXtSG2bt8cxFFvV

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