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Meet in the Browser's Cafe area of the Dana Porter library at 7:30. From the entrance, it is directly to the right, on the first floor. We'll congregate there for 15 minutes and then head to the ML theatre.

If you accidentally went to the regular Uptown location at 7, you should have enough time to hop on the Ion and get to campus :P


Thomas is performing in an original play, The Other Side of The Story. Let's show up with some peanuts to toss! (Don't actually do that.)

For the Thursday show, no tickets need to be purchased beforehand - just show up with a donation.

After the show, let's decamp to Molly Bloom's for some drinks, eats, and casual discussion.


Lars Doucet (aka the Georgism guy) was nice enough to publish something extremely on theme this week, No Silver Bullet Solutions to the Werewolf Crisis. Let's use this and the play as a jumping off point to think about fairytales as memetic technology.

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