Online Google Meets - SSC Meetup - July 19th at 17:30 GMT (10:30 PDT) with Joscha Bach


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Thanks to those who came to the meetup on Sunday. We will be switching from Zoom to Google Meets for our next meeting.

Our next meetup is on July 19th and will feature Joscha Bach as our guest speaker.

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Artificial Intelligence is two very different things: research into advances in information processing, and a daring, complicated and extremely important philosophical project. Conflating these two topics has led to a lot of confusion in the perception of the field, and its role in the cognitive sciences. What does AI contribute to our understanding of epistemology, metaphysics and philosophy of mind?


Joscha Bach, PhD, is a cognitive scientist with a focus on computational models of motivation, perception, consciousness and cognitive architectures. He has taught and worked in AI research at Humboldt University of Berlin, the Institute for Cognitive Science in Osnabrück, the MIT media lab and the Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. He is currently VP of Research at AI Foundation, San Francisco.