What is your algorithm for determining which sentences are meaningless? Since we don't have such an algorithm (without serious flaws), I'm guessing your algorithm is probably flawed also,

The "beliefs should pay rent" heuristic mentioned by User:Tiiba already answers this. My method (not strictly an algorithm[1], but sufficient to avoid paperclip-pumps) is to identify what constraint such an expression places on my expectations. This method [2] has been thoroughly discussed on this internet and is already invoked here as the de facto standard... (read more)

Unsolved Problems in Philosophy Part 1: The Liar's Paradox

by Kevin 1 min read30th Nov 2010142 comments


Graham Priest discusses The Liar's Paradox for a NY Times blog. It seems that one way of solving the Liar's Paradox is defining dialethei, a true contradiction. Less Wrong, can you do what modern philosophers have failed to do and solve or successfully dissolve the Liar's Paradox? This doesn't seem nearly as hard as solving free will.

This post is a practice problem for what may become a sequence on unsolved problems in philosophy.