But if you just remove the goal from your mind and identify with the walking, just telling yourself you are a walky guy, this just what you are, it is in your nature to walk, it is very easy.

I like Scott Adams's statement of this approach: here and here. (The first link is a cached link because it looks like the original content has moved.)


Yes, I think it is something similar. Of course, it has its failure modes too. Specifically, it is easy to fake.

I have a certain hunch that it has historical and cultural forerunners. I think Anglo-American culture was always goal-oriented, more focused on specific achievements, more on a how to get what you want attitude. And the German-Czech style, fairly late-comer capitalism was more in the direction of just be a conscientious person who does things by the book and puts in the effort to do things really right and then basically have a system, not goal... (read more)

How has lesswrong changed your life?

by mstevens 1 min read31st Mar 201557 comments


I've been wondering what effect joining lesswrong and reading the sequences has on people.

How has lesswrong changed your life?

What have you done differently?

What have you done?