I did not go very far in haskell, I was in a exploratory phase, the lack of libraries for haskell, make go to java, having being my only experienced with progaming the creation of map and mods with WarCraft 3 graphical Interface I took online courses and books on Python becouse was easy, and then Hakell just because is from another paradigm and it helped me understand more deeply recursion, types and many basic stuff than was hidden in Python( being a high level language).

I finally settle in Java because for its support, libraries and compatibility with Android, I'm not triying to "know it all" of computer science or programing not for lack of curiosity but for opportunity cost, I'm learning what I need to learn, and dedicate a fraction of my focus to learn seemingly unrelated thing to take care of the unknown unknowns.


Java as platform or as language? The platform is great but why use the language when the platform also offers Clojure or Scala? While I complained elsewhere about the lack of verbosity makes math hard to read for me, Java is the opposite, the boilerplate verbosity pisses me off i.e. that after reading SomeWhateverFactory someWhatEverFactory = new SomeWhateverFactory() after processing that line mentally I have learned nothing about what a program actually does, it convey precisely zero information about the actual human utility it delivers. Writing this bullshit may be made easier by tools, but reading is not.

How has lesswrong changed your life?

by mstevens 1 min read31st Mar 201557 comments


I've been wondering what effect joining lesswrong and reading the sequences has on people.

How has lesswrong changed your life?

What have you done differently?

What have you done?