We could certainly make agents for whom pleasure and pain would use equal resources per util. The question is if human preferences today (or extrapolated) would sympathize with such agents to the point of giving them the universe. Their decision-making could look very inhuman to us. If we value such agents with a discount factor, we're back at square one.

That's what the congenital deafness discussion was about.

You have preferences over pain and pleasure intensities that you haven't experienced, or new durations of experiences you know. Otherwise you wouldn't have anything to worry about re torture, since you haven't experienced it.

Consider people with pain asymbolia:

Pain asymbolia is a condition in which pain is perceived, but with an absence of the suffering that is normally associated with the pain experience. Individuals with pain asymbolia still identify the stimulus as painful but do not display the

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S-risks: Why they are the worst existential risks, and how to prevent them

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