I sympathize with your feeling of alienation at the comment, and thanks for offering this perspective that seems outlandish to me. I don't think I agree with you re who the 'normies' are, but I suspect that this may not be a fruitful thing to even argue about.

Side note: I'm reminded of the discussion here. (It seems tricky to find a good way to point out that other people are presenting their normative views in a way that signals an unfair consensus, without getting into/accused of identify politics or having to throw around words like "loony bin" or fighting over who the 'normies' are.)

Yes, we clearly have very different worldviews. I don't think alienation is the right word here, it's just that different people think about the world differently and IMHO that's perfectly fine (to clarify, I mean values and normative statements, not facts). And, of course, you have no obligation at all to do something about it.

S-risks: Why they are the worst existential risks, and how to prevent them

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