I think you're mischaracterizing the motivations of (most) progressives. I don't believe that they are motivated by a desire to punish the privileged.

Read what progressives like Ezra Klien actually write.

Are you trying to describe an entire ideology based on one article by one author? I consider myself a progressive and don't agree with a lot of what Ezra Klein, or many other pundits who label themselves in such a way, have to say.

Also not completely related but I don't think that sensationalist website necessarily does a good job representing Klein's point of view on the issue.

Non-standard politics

by NancyLebovitz 1 min read24th Oct 2014235 comments


In the big survey, political views are divided into large categories so that statistics are possible. This article is an attempt to supply a text field so that we can get a little better view of the range of beliefs.

My political views aren't adequately expressed by "libertarian". I call myself a liberal-flavored libertarian, by which I mean that I want the government to hurt people less. The possibility that the government is giving too much to poor people is low on my list of concerns. I also believe that harm-causing processes should be shut down before support systems

So, what political beliefs do you have that don't match the usual meaning of your preferred label?