When I first read The Sequences, why did I never think to seriously examine if I was wrong/biased/partially-incomplete in my understanding of these new ideas?

Hyp: I believed that fooling one's self was all identity driven. You want to be a type of person, and your bias lets you comfortably sink into it. I was unable to see my identity. I also had a self narrative of "Yeah, this Eliezer dude, what ever, I'll just see if he has anything good to say. I don't need to fit in with the rationalists."

I saw myself as "just" taking in and thinking about some arguments, and these arguments were convincing to me, and so they stuck and I took them in. I didn't apply lots of rigor or self reflection, because I didn't think I needed careful thought to avoid being biased if I couldn't see a clear and obvious identity on the line.

(spoiler, identity was on the line, and also your reasoning can be flawed for a bazillion non identity based reasons)

Hazard's Shortform Feed

by Hazard 1 min read4th Feb 2018219 comments

In light of reading through Raemon's shortform feed, I'm making my own. Here will be smaller ideas that are on my mind.