will be/are being dealt with in the ongoing season, Owarimonogatari, which is very good so far.

I hope so. Hanamonogatari was a big disappointment after Second Season.

Her issue

No, I got that much. The dialogues were very blunt about that. The problem is that Nadeko is also explained at length to have several other issues, such as being so self-involved that she cannot understand or listen to other people besides her own delusions, and to have a fake love to insulate herself from other people, and these three character problems are practically mutually contradictory (if she's overly cute to please other people, then she doesn't need a fake love; if she's that self-centered & navel-gazing, then why does she need to be overly cute, and how did she fail at self-insight so consistently? if the love was just a convenience, what's with the whole homicidal rage, not to mention the rather sadistic treatment of snakes right from the beginning of her backstory? how does any of this really fit with the final twist of her being na nfcvevat znatnxn, juvpu lbh'q guvax jbhyq or nagvgurgvpny gb orvat hygen-frys-nofbeorq naq ynpxvat nal erny vafvtug vagb barfrys? and so on). The character makes no sense, but not in a good way, more of a 'Nise wrote himself into a corner and piled on too many problems to try to justify her homicidal rage' (ie 'the lady doth protest too much'). All in all, it left me feeling nonplussed and maybe a bit disgusted.

Just for the record I really liked her arc. I think I saw part of myself in her? Would have to rewatch to be able to be any more specific.

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