One vote for the south side (Hyde Park). Is there a meetup or google group? Any way of communicating with other Chicagoans?

I have started a rudimentary Google group for anyone who might like to use that to get reminders or notices about meetups or have other Chicago/Midwest specific discussions.

Chicago Meetup

by Airedale 1 min read20th May 201024 comments


Hey Chicagoans and any Midwesterners from further afield who would like to join us, let’s start building a vibrant Less Wrong community here in the Windy City!

Steven0461 and I are proposing the first ever Less Wrong meetup in Chicago. The meet-up will be held at 2 pm on June 6 at the C-Shop in Hyde Park on the University of Chicago campus, which is located on the South Side of Chicago. The address is 5706 S. University Ave. Here is a map of the relevant part of the University of Chicago; the C-Shop is in the Reynolds Club building. We will have a Less Wrong sign on the table so you can identify us.

Steven and I have both been Visiting Fellows at SIAI, lived at the SIAI house, and attended the Bay Area Less Wrong meetups, and we’re excited about introducing Less Wrong meetups to the great city of Chicago.

Please comment if you plan to attend or if you would like to propose an alternative date, time, or location.
Edited to add a link to the related  Google Group.
Edited to add final meeting place and details.