Those benefits would have to be specific instead of a general healing potency. It had to work for migraine and not work for diarrhea.

Same way how "eating vegetables is healthy" is only a broad approximation. It does certain things, that are useful in certain circumstances, those circumstances being largely general unless one has specific medical conditions when not, such as undigestible fiber cleaning out the guts (not a good idea for Chron's), such as slow digestion meaning a slow insuline release (useful in general for most modern people, not ... (read more)

Where did you get this idea from?

A variety of experiences.

It detaches one from one's interpretations of reality. Like you meditate and hear a sound. It teaches you to not instantly go and think "hey, that is a dog barking" and thus replacing the experience of a sound with a concept, with a mental category, but simply experiencing the sound directly without attaching any label to it.

The effects of meditation a bit more complex. I don't want to go to much in the detail here because that would mean that I would have to use words like "e... (read more)

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