Military-style stuff if it is compatible with your ethics and with your sense of independence. I have no idea about them but as they are getting more and more high-tech, there must be more and more brain-jobs there. Is it a linguistic coincidence that figuring out what (potential) enemies are up to is called "intelligence service" in English? So there is a potential idea there.

Too late for me plus I am from a part of the world that has joke for military, but I think I would have liked it as long as I am not really treated like a grunt who always... (read more)

Hmm. Something I hadn't thought much about. Definitely interesting, though a quick search doesn't turn up anything too promising.

Also, not sure how compatible it is with my ethics.

Still, a useful idea. Thank you (& upvoted).

Open thread, Apr. 01 - Apr. 05, 2015

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