I am confused how even guns come here. I hope you don't imagine a military as a hunter band where personal weapons are the most important aspect. Rather it is largely about installing a hivemind, overcoming chaos and what I had in mind is scout / pioneer kind of stuff which can be seen as a premilitary.

How do ethic courses help with long-term planning?

Such as choosing professions for prestige vs. social utility / altruism value. Even though ethics courses cannot override instinctive feelings they ought to have an effect on carefully thought out plans l... (read more)

Just because a game is zero sum in total does not make it irrational for an individual to compete. That in fact is the big problem.

2ChristianKl5yWhy? Did you change anyone's plans considering buying a BMW X7 by telling them about zero-sum games?

Open thread, Apr. 01 - Apr. 05, 2015

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