There's a massive difference between thinking that certain stones have "healing properties" and claiming to see spirits. The first is regular New Age junk beliefs, the second is substantially more disturbing and may indicate serious mental health issues, or some form of special-snowflake syndrome. Has seen anyone for counseling?

IANAD, but from what I understand, hallucinations are symptoms of mental illness, but aren't much of a problem on their own. The part of schizophrenia that I'd be worried about is that people start making nonsensical logical leaps in a manner that seems pretty indistinguishable from explanations for new age beliefs.

0CronoDAS5yNot in a long time - she says that she had an informal diagnosis of bipolar disorder, but the psychiatrist she saw was "obsessed" with her weight and put her on Topamax to get her to lose weight but she stopped taking it because the side effects were awful and the doctor just insisted that she take it anyway. She hasn't seen a psychiatrist in years because she works as a part-time cashier and has really awful health insurance. And she probably wouldn't tell this to a doctor anyway...

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