Let's put it it this way: a culture that either still has or only recently eliminated conscription would see it as a good thing to be a bit prepared for that.

Training people with guns has effects that go beyond just being useful in the case of war.

Don't help much with instinctive decision-making, but there are other things, such as long-term planning.

How do ethic courses help with long-term planning?


I am confused how even guns come here. I hope you don't imagine a military as a hunter band where personal weapons are the most important aspect. Rather it is largely about installing a hivemind, overcoming chaos and what I had in mind is scout / pioneer kind of stuff which can be seen as a premilitary.

How do ethic courses help with long-term planning?

Such as choosing professions for prestige vs. social utility / altruism value. Even though ethics courses cannot override instinctive feelings they ought to have an effect on carefully thought out plans l... (read more)

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