LW and related blogs are basically spoiling fantasy fiction to me. DAE have an experience like this? How to overcome it?

My formerly existing but weakly skeptical atheism and generic anti-supernaturalism got really strengthened here. I bought into the idea that the supernatural means the propositon that some mental things are are not reducible to nonmental things and from that it is only a small jump to say that mental things are entirely in the map, not in the terrain, it is a useful shorthand model to think of some things as mental but they are never irre... (read more)

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My proposal: the ideas that goodness or evil are substances and they can formed into magic objects such as sword made of pure evil.

Of course, some novels also subvert this delightfully. Patricia Wrede's The Seven Towers, for instance, is all about exactly what goes wrong when you try to make a magical object out of pure good.

(Edit: that is, Wrede does not literally spend the whole book talking about this problem. It is merely mentioned as backstory. But still.)

3ilzolende5yIf you just want some stuff full of fantasy themes that LessWrong will not spoil, read The Steerswoman [http://www.rosemarykirstein.com/the-books/] and its sequels.
1NancyLebovitz5yYou might find Brin's The Practice Effect to be maximally irritating. Entropy works backward-- the more a person uses a thing, the better (for human purposes) it becomes. If only GAI could be developed there....

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