In the spirit of asking personally important questions, what jobs are there where high intelligence is useful but that also provide structure? Structure is fairly successful at circumventing my akrasia.

Of course, I'd also like the work not to be boring, the pay to be good, there to be independence (this may be in conflict with the structure, in which case my desires may just be incoherent), etc.

For jobs inside bigger corporations have burocratic structures.

1[anonymous]5yMilitary-style stuff if it is compatible with your ethics and with your sense of independence. I have no idea about them but as they are getting more and more high-tech, there must be more and more brain-jobs there. Is it a linguistic coincidence that figuring out what (potential) enemies are up to is called "intelligence service" in English? So there is a potential idea there. Too late for me plus I am from a part of the world that has joke for military, but I think I would have liked it as long as I am not really treated like a grunt who always must stand at attention but more like a satellite photo analyist who may be just a lieautenant but still respected by the gold-shoulders for his skills. Things like making physical exercises mandatory and not having to worry about the next meal even if I blow all my pay could be cool.

Open thread, Apr. 01 - Apr. 05, 2015

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