No doubt this post will drop into downvoted oblivion. But I would like to explore the following, for personal reasons:

Have you ever used the services of a legal prostitute, like the ones who operate in bordellos in some Nevada counties? Did you have your sexual debut with a legal prostitute because you couldn’t make it happen in your organic social situation while growing up, for example, with girls you knew in high school or college? And did that experience somehow make it easier to develop the skills for having sexual relationships with women through dat... (read more)

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So I know a neighbor of a neighbor who was once high on grass in Amsterdam where the ladies sit in shop windows and gave it a try. He said despite that said substance is a known aphrodisiac and despite she was hot, seriously kind and sweet, and eager to please, it is not good at all because due to the lack of love or lack of real attraction on her part - despite faking it - it was very much like doing a warm lifelike rubber doll. However this neighbor of a neighbor have never really had very high libido so it should be compared to him being "moderat... (read more)

1knb5yIt seems likely that a virgin male who patronizes prostitutes will wind up with an unhealthy transactional (rather than relational) attitude toward women. If anything, I would expect hiring prostitutes to exacerbate the john's relationship failures.
9JoshuaZ5yIf posts on certain topics are getting downvoted repeatedly, maybe it may make sense to pay attention to that feedback that the community is either not interested in the subjects in question or strongly objects to the presentation of the posts in question.

Open thread, Apr. 01 - Apr. 05, 2015

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