If you ask the question for personal reasons, is interacting sexually really the most relevant skill you are lacking? From what I read from you it seems like you don't have the ability to have a simple friendship with a woman. As long as you lack those skills any focus on sexuality is unlikely to yield much.

BTW, I find it interesting that over a decade ago, Eliezer described himself in a news story as a “volunteer virgin,” though he has since become sexually active.

In general drawing a lot of information out of such a statement in a news story is a ba... (read more)


Having a friendship and a relationship are incredibly different but overlapping skillsets. If you simply set out to be very good friends with woman, but not have sexual relationships, you'd probably learn a lot of bad habits you'd have to unlearn when you decided you wanted to have a physical relationship.

-4Lumifer5yLOL. Really? Listen to Nancy Reagan and "Just say NO" :-)
8Vaniver5yEh. All of the opportunities for sexual relationships that I've declined have been for reasons that seemed simple to me. But that may be because I'm unpacking "simple" as "easily comprehensible" instead of "easily communicable."

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