Did you have your sexual debut with a legal prostitute because you couldn’t make it happen in your organic social situation while growing up, for example, with girls you knew in high school or college? And did that experience somehow make it easier to develop the skills for having sexual relationships with women through dating?

It seems likely that a virgin male who patronizes prostitutes will wind up with an unhealthy transactional (rather than relational) attitude toward women. If anything, I would expect hiring prostitutes to exacerbate the john's relationship failures.


It's complicated. A lot of virgin guys have pedestalizing attitudes, and it means they are alredy transactional AND think the price to pay for the transaction is enormous, like you must be a world-champion hero and bring her the Moon for birthday to deserve her attraction. This is very visible on how many virgin guys fall over themselves to try to give favors to hot girls in order to try to win their attraction that way: they really think a man must work his butt off to earn the attraction of a woman, and that is a transactional attitude, and with a very h... (read more)

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