As for weight, try getting her on aikido as it is a very "spiritual" form of exercise (not bad for self defense either) and veganism, probably she is open to the idea (not eating stuff with souls etc.) and while it is not the best diet out there it tends to keep the calorie count low. Another idea is to explain how refined sugar is an industrial product and not natural. This does not actually matter, but it may matter for her, and it is a good idea. I.e. to get her sugar from natural or dried fruits only, it can make her feel more close-to-nature at eating and actually gives a better satiety / sugar ratio and an overall calorie reduction probably.

I find it curious that this post is being down voted. While the weight issue doesn't address the new age or spiritual stuff, it does impact self esteem (which may or may not be intermingled with some of the more far out things she's confessed to experiencing). Besides, being healthy is just a generally good thing.

I feel that tailoring your approach to be more new age-y as Hollander suggested would be more effective - as in the wraith example above, it's within the rules she seems to operate by. However, I'm not sure how you would broach the subject without causing more problems. You kind of need her to want this for herself before you can do anything.

In any case, good luck Crono.

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