That may be true, but it also isn't at all the problem being discussed by the article JoshuaZ linked to.

  • The (alleged) problem you describe: implementing "better" sources of energy may cost more energy than they ever deliver, so that by any reasonable criterion they make things worse rather than better overall.
  • The (alleged) problem the linked article describes: implementing "better" sources of energy, even if in the long-enough run they save much more energy than they cost, may cost more in the short term than we can afford to use.

(... (read more)

it would have been better without the my-team-is-better-than-yours element.

I am not a team player :-D this was just a your-team-doesn't-want-to-look-there element :-)

I don't have links handy, sorry. I also suspect the research in this sphere is heavily politicized, so extra caution is warranted.

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