IANAD, but from what I understand, hallucinations are symptoms of mental illness, but aren't much of a problem on their own. The part of schizophrenia that I'd be worried about is that people start making nonsensical logical leaps in a manner that seems pretty indistinguishable from explanations for new age beliefs.

That seems valid, but it may help to note that the sort of leaps in logic made by schizophrenics are generally much more personalized and confused than typical New Age explanations, whereas the NA explanations at least fall into large forms where if you recognize the broad patterns. For example, "nuclear powered rats in the sewer" is clearly schizophrenic (that's an actual paraphrase of a statement from a schizophrenic) whereas "obsidian helps centering the chakras because its black character absorbs the negativity" is pretty clear New ... (read more)

Open thread, Apr. 01 - Apr. 05, 2015

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