Hmm, could be useful. My biggest concern is that my degree is in geology, so it is obviously not directly applicable. How much opportunity is there to get involved given that my training is fairly irrelevant? I have something of a philosophy background, and math through calculus II, but my formal education isn't going to help.

Stupid Questions July 2015

by Gondolinian 1 min read1st Jul 2015123 comments


This thread is for asking any questions that might seem obvious, tangential, silly or what-have-you. Don't be shy, everyone has holes in their knowledge, though the fewer and the smaller we can make them, the better.

Please be respectful of other people's admitting ignorance and don't mock them for it, as they're doing a noble thing.

To any future monthly posters of SQ threads, please remember to add the "stupid_questions" tag.