I sent her medical records to Jonathan Weissman

I was not actually able to read them where they were hosted. But unless anyone says they would trust my verification and not Shannon's I don't think it is important to fix this. I think the important thing was an explicit statement from the Venturists that they have checked this out.

Cryonics donation fund for Kim Suozzi established by Society for Venturism

by JGWeissman 1 min read25th Aug 201217 comments


Following the news that Kim Suozzi has terminal brain cancer and wants to be cryopreserved, many of us have donated to help her out, while others, including me, planned to donate when CI set up a fund to receive donations on her behalf. Now the Society for Venturism has set up a fund, and it is time for us to follow through on those plans. (Unless you are really insisting that the fund be managed by CI specifically.)

(ETA: Kim has posted on this herself.)