I won't get into an argument about this, especially since we both already argued lots about certain issues which I don't want to get into here(in fact I am not even allowed according to some LWers who have taken the role of judges) and LW has many smart people who could argue as effectively for either side if they wished to do so. I wrote my comment based on personal experience on this site, and I've been a member here since the days when it was still overcomingbias.com.

You see here is my point, someone writes a comment expressing a certain sentiment or POV, and you can start arguing over it or consider that "maybe he has a point and we should give some consideration to this issue."

Btw, I don't know what is going on but this is my first comment of the day and as soon as I try to post it I get the message "You are trying to submit too fast. try again in 5 minutes." The same happens every time I try to comment. Is this some kind of filter? Please turn it off.

If it hasn't stopped giving you that message, try different combinations of browser, computer, and throwaway account. If it's a bug, one of the former should help. If it's a filter, which sounds unlikely given your karma and the message text, that won't help but you should be able to post through a throwaway account without getting the message.

1Emile8yI think there's a filter that depends of karma, so that heavily downvoted posters have to slow down their posting rate, but since you have positive karma I'm not sure why it's triggering for you. Maybe there's a bug, dunno.

Q&A #2 with Singularity Institute Executive Director

by lukeprog 1 min read13th Dec 201148 comments


Just over a month ago I posted a call for questions about the Singularity Institute. The reaction to my video response was positive enough that I'd like to do another one — though I can't promise video this time. I think that the Singularity Institute has a lot of transparency "catching up" to do.


The Rules (same as before)

1) One question per comment (to allow voting to carry more information about people's preferences).

2) Try to be as clear and concise as possible. If your question can't be condensed into one paragraph, you should probably ask in a separate post. Make sure you have an actual question somewhere in there (you can bold it to make it easier to scan).

3) I will generally answer the top-voted questions, but will skip some of them. I will tend to select questions about the Singularity Institute as an organization, not about the technical details of some bit of research. You can read some of the details of the Friendly AI research program in my interview with Michael Anissimov and in Eliezer's Singularity Summit 2011 talk.

4) Please provides links to things referenced by your question.

5) This thread will be open to questions and votes for 7 days, at which time I will decide which questions to begin preparing responses to.


I might respond to certain questions within the comments thread; for example, when there is a one-word answer to the question.

You may repeat questions that I did not answer in the first round, and you may ask follow-up questions to the answers I gave in round one.