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Do Anki while Weightlifting

Many rationalists appear to be interested in weightlifting. I certainly have enjoyed having a gym habit. I have a recommendation for those who do:

Try studying Anki cards while resting between weightlifting sets.

The upside is high. Building the habit of studying Anki cards is hard, and if doing it at the gym causes it to stick, you can now remember things by choice not chance.

And the cost is pretty low. I rest for 90 seconds between sets, and do about 20 sets when I go to the gym. Assuming I get a minute in once the overheads are ... (read more)

4NaiveTortoise5moI tried this today and it went well. Got through ~15 cards in only a few sets. It did cause me to take longer rests between sets (I can't seem to consistently use a timer) but I'm not that worried about long rests anyway. Entering cards seems harder for me though. Most of my cards include some sort of LaTex formatting, which I don't think the Android app supports applying.

I'm really glad to have this comment! It seems much more valuable to know that something passes a first attempt by a second party than to just hear a recommendation from one person's experience.

jp's Shortform

by jp 29th Aug 201914 comments