"How do you know that?"

"Have I interpreted your position correctly?"

"That's uncomputable."

"That AI would destroy the world."

"That's a fact about your map, not about the territory."

"That's a duplicate quote."

"What does this have to with rationality?"

"That word doesn't carve reality at its joints."

"I want to do an AI Box experiment."

"Apply the reversal test! You're suggesting we kill all the old people."

"I wish I could self-modify to . . ."

"I'd say something politically incorrect about race, but it would start a flame war."

"I'd say something politically incorrect about gender, but it would start a flame war."

"I'd say something politically incorrect about my ability to say politically incorrect things, but it would start a flame war."

"Karma is being used to suppress dissent."

"Your position is incoherent unless you're a vegetarian."

"Rationality isn't that great."

"We should do a survey on this."

"That survey should have been bigger. We should do another survey."

"Way too much of the scientific literature is wrong."

"We need to make the karma system more elaborate."

"The negation of that statement sounds just as true."

"There's an Everett branch where . . ."

"I've seen research on this but I can't remember it."

"My personalities disagree on this."

"If this is a simulation, does that really matter?"

"My inner Robin Hanson says . . ."

Shit and/or Bullshit LessWrongers Don't Say:

"Let's agree to disagree."

"You're a Communist."

"Just trust me on this."

"That's just like what the Nazis did!"

"Can you explain that with less math?"

"I'm a rationalist."

"Haven't you seen Terminator?"

"But that's unnatural!"

"I don't really want more karma. I feel like I have enough."


"You're a Communist."

Some of us read Moldbug and Foseti so I'm not too sure... ;)

Shit Rationalists Say?

by Eneasz 1 min read25th Jan 2012120 comments


I assume everyone has run across at least one of the "Shit X's Say" format of videos? Such as Shit Skeptics Say. When done right it totally triggers the in-group warm-fuzzies. (Not to be confused with the nearly-identically formatted "Shit X's Say to Y's" which is mainly a way for Y's to complain about X's).

What sort of things do Rationalists often say that triggers this sort of in-group recognition which could be popped into a short video? A few I can think of...

You should sign up for cryonics. I want to see you in the future.

…intelligence explosion…

What’s your confidence interval?

You know what they say: one man’s Modus Ponens is another man’s Modus Tollens

This may sound a bit crazy right now, but hear me out…

What are your priors?

When the singularity comes that won’t be a problem anymore.

I like to think I’d do that, but I don’t fully trust myself. I am running on corrupted hardware after all.

I want to be with you, and I don’t foresee that changing in the near future.

…Bayesian statistics…

So Omega appears in front of you…

What would you say the probability of that event is, if your beliefs are true?