If you look up mainstream news article written back then, you'll notice that people were indeed concerned. Also, maybe it's a coincidence, but The Matrix movie, which has AI uprising as it's main premise, came out two years later.

The difference is that in 1997 there weren't AI-risk organizations ready to capitalize on these concerns.

Which organizations are you referring to, and what sort of capitalization?

AlphaGo versus Lee Sedol

by gjm 1 min read9th Mar 2016183 comments


There have been a couple of brief discussions of this in the Open Thread, but it seems likely to generate more so here's a place for it.

The original paper in Nature about AlphaGo.

Google Asia Pacific blog, where results will be posted. DeepMind's YouTube channel, where the games are being live-streamed.

Discussion on Hacker News after AlphaGo's win of the first game.