The Anti-Drug

I've seen that a lot of drugs seem to act like "gratification borrowers": they take gratification/happiness from the future and spend it all on the present, sometimes extremely quickly, then leave you feeling miserable for a certain duration, the "low" or "hangover".

I was wondering whether there was any drug that did the opposite, that functioned like delayed gratification: a drug that makes you feel utterly miserable at first, then eventually leaves you with a long-lasting feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment, and joy.

Does anyone here know of such a thing?

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In my experience Salvia divinorum works very much like this.

4gwern5yReminds me of a Gregory Bateson quote: Hm, a drug where the negative effects are first... Well, almost all medicines fit this category: unpleasant taste is common. Illegal drugs that people want to take? Ayahuasca [] comes to mind:
1Torello5yThere are drugs for alcoholics that make you sick if you drink, so it makes you feel miserable short-run but may help you to be stable/functional/productive long run.

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