I'm afraid that it largely depends on your initial diet. For me, paleo was a net disaster (3 months with quality of life substantially reduced, and 3 kgs gained), but probably because I came from an already healthier diet.
If you factor in that in a high proteic diet you have higher than normal insuline spikes and you may lose the ability to process gluten, then you might actually gain some benefit.

In my admittedly small social circle, I've seen though more people benifit from a vegetarian diet than from paleo.

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If you factor in that in a high protein diet...

When I did my paleo experiment, I wasn't really eating any more protein than before. My carbs were way down though, and my fat intake way up. I wonder if this may explain some of the difference in our outcomes.

0cameroncowan5yI like Paleo with a mix of fast and slow moving carbs. I eat a primarily protein diet and then mix in small amounts of different kinds of carbs and a little non-cow dairy.
2Lumifer5yHuh? Gluten sensitivity is an autoimmune problem, you don't acquire it by not eating wheat.

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