Sure, but:

1) Who cares what other people think? Why should I help them if I have good predictions, or hurt them if I don't? I don't feel their joy or pain. I could see the necessity if I was receiving scorn, but I'm generally respected. Why try to adjust that? 2) Confidence makes happiness, right? I'm generally confident. Some part of that probably isn't deserved. Why find out? 3) I don't though, or if I do I don't know about it. Why find out? I'd be distressed.

Well, sure if WalterL exists in a complete island and has no interest in getting other humans to pay attention to your predictions about the world then 1 doesn't terribly matter. As for 2, this seems to be essentially an ignorance-is-bliss argument which if you are convinced of, I'm not sure why you are on LW at all. Moreover, it isn't likely to be true: being overconfident can cause real harm- it makes one more likely to make decisions that one shouldn't (for example: if you are overconfident in your investment ability, then you will actually lose money).... (read more)

Open thread, Dec. 15 - Dec. 21, 2014

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