Thinness is a very superficial standard. It's something you can use to judge people who are fake and who hide their emotions. You don't need more than a picture to see whether someone is thin.

It harder to visually distinguish whether someone is depressed. The average person won't identify the physical signs for it, especially not via seeing an image on the internet.

Yesterday I was dancing a while Salsa with a girl who's a beginner but dances for a few months. She's thin but she doesn't really relax. Even after a few songs of dancing her hands are still cold because they aren't well vascularized. I find a girl who weighs a bit more but who's in touch with her body more beautiful.

Height is also a very interested topic. Plenty of girls think they would be more beautiful if they would be 1,80m tall instead of 1,60m tall because models are tall. On the catwalk being tall matters. On the other hand I think a majority of guys prefer a 1,60m tall girl over a 1,80m tall girl. Shorter girls get more OkCupid messages than taller girls.

Open thread, Nov. 17 - Nov. 23, 2014

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