It could be any number of things. Including the one I take it you're looking for, namely some genetic inferiority on the part of the people in country A.

Not necessarily, my argument goes through even if it's memetic.

The people who move from country A to country B may be atypical of the people of country A, in ways that make them more likely overall to be productive in country B.

Your only response to this has been a handwavy dismissal, to the effect that that might have been true once but now immigration is too easy so it isn't any more. How about some evidence?

How about some yourself. Note simply saying that something may happen is not a reason to ignore the prior that it won't. I responded to your only argument about the prior. Also, look at the way the immigrants are in fact behaving, I believe it involves lots of riots and creating neighborhoods that the police are afraid to go into.

Open thread, Nov. 17 - Nov. 23, 2014

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