It seems to me to be more in the vein of "poetry" or "poetry appreciation".

I don't think that's entirely fair to Moldbug. Illustrating patterns and using the human ability for pattern matching does have it's place in knowledge generation. It's more than just poetry appreciation.

After reading the quote I thought that he was trying to make an analogy between finding a historical narrative from historical facts and drawing a curve that has the best fit to a given series of data points. Indeed, saying that such curve is "true" or "false" does not make a lot sense, since just because a point lies outside the graph of a function does not mean that this function cannot be a curve of best fit - one cannot decide that from a small number of data points, one needs to measure (in)accuracy of the model over the whole doma... (read more)

Open thread, Nov. 17 - Nov. 23, 2014

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