My roommate tested positive for type A flu. Does this mean he is unlikely to have COVID?

Greg Cochran told me in one of our podcasts that having the flu probably provides protection against getting COVID19 because having the flu activates your immune system.

4habryka22dComorbidity is low, from what I remember, so I do think a positive non-COVID case is pretty indicative and should revert your risk-estimate relatively close to population level (I think, probably a factor of two higher or so, would be my random guess). Though I would strongly recommend continuing to measure fever and ideally use one of those oxygen-level measurement thingies that would allow you to notice if things get really bad and you should definitely go to a hospital.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

by Elizabeth 1 min read8th Mar 2020373 comments


This thread was created on 3/8/2020, or approximately one million years ago in virus time. It’s getting pretty bloated now, and a lot of things that were high value at the time have been eclipsed by events, making karma not a very useful sorting tool. So I’m declaring this thread finished, and asking everyone to move over to the April Coronavirus Open Thread.

Interested in what happened in this thread? Here’s the timeless or not-yet-eclipsed highlights:

  • Scott Alexander comes up with Hammer and Dance 6 days before Tomas Pueyo
  • Spiracular on why SARS-Cov-2 is unlikely to be lab-created.
  • Two documents collating estimates of basic epidemiological parameters, in response to this thread
  • Discussion on whether the tuberculosis vaccine provides protection against COVID-19.
  • Suggestive evidence that COVID-19 removes sense of taste and smell.
  • Could copper tape be net harmful?