What are you working on?

It's pretty similar to Darcs-style patch manipulation. I've only skimmed some introductory material on exactly how Darcs does it, but it looks a lot like what Wave does:

  1. Make patches invertible.

  2. Define a function T :: Patch -> Patch -> Patch that transforms one patch to apply to the document after a second patch has already been applied to it.

With these primitives, you can arbitrarily re-order patches. That's not quite the way I'm doing it, though. I represent the document as a tree of atoms, each one with a unique id and a pointer to a predeces... (read more)

That is pretty neat.

What are you working on?

by jsalvatier 1 min read4th Mar 2011103 comments


Whpearson recently mentioned that people in some other online communities frequently ask "what are you working on?". I personally love asking and answering this question. I made sure to ask it at the Seattle meetup. However, I don't often see it asked here in the comments, so I will ask it:

What are you working on? 

Here are some guidelines

  • Focus on projects that you have recently made progress on, not projects that you're thinking about doing but haven't started, those are for a different thread. 
  • Why this project and not others? Mention reasons why you're doing the project and/or why others should contribute to your project (if applicable).
  • Talk about your goals for the project.
  • Any kind of project is fair game: personal improvement, research project, art project, whatever.
  • Link to your work if it's linkable