You can simply dispose of a failed sheep (or horse), but a failed human is a very different matter.

Some people don't think that you can simply dispose sheep (or horses), what do you think of those people, are they irrational?

Not addressed to XiXiDu specifically.

Proposal: "Rational" is now a Banned Word. No one is allowed to use it. No one is allowed to snidely use its ironic social connotations. No one is allowed to use one of its technical meanings to sneak in connotations of general normativity-backed-by-math (e.g. 'exponential discounting is rational', 'maximizing utility is rational'). No one is allowed to call a person, group, belief, meme, ideology, or effing anything, "irrational". (If you want to use a generic vague negative social descriptor for so... (read more)

6RichardKennaway9yThey have their values. Sometimes they firebomb people for it. But for most people, the issues around cloning people are of far greater gravity than for cloning sheep. When does the soul enter a clone? (I know, but we live in the same world as these people. Being right does not make the people who are wrong change their minds or go away.) At what point should a clone be considered to have the right to be brought to maturity? How many clones should be made, and of whom?
4magfrump9yThat seems like a case of different terminal values, not a matter of irrationality. But the reason you can dispose of a failed sheep and not a failed human is (I assume) a legal matter as well as a moral matter.

Ask LW: Why no reproductive human cloning?

by Will_Newsome 1 min read5th Jun 201122 comments


From what I can tell human cloning for the purpose of, ya know, actually cloning a person in the Dolly sense, is legal in many parts of the United States. It looks hard to pull off but without conceptual problems. Seems likely that after the first few clones are born there'll be a huge backlash and it will get banned forever. My impression is that whoever does it first would get a lot of money and tons of media attention that would be useful for getting funding for some other biotech venture. They'd get extra publicity if they put a eugenics spin on it too, which I haven't seen anyone talking about from my few Google searches. I also haven't seen anything about a combination of cloning and genome design/tweaking of various kinds, for research or for creating less-misoptimized humans; I'm not at all familiar with the science/tech there, is there a reason no one thinks it's promising? I can't find a decent blog that covers any of the related topics.

Who's familiar with this dormant technology and its social situation? Are there good blogs that cover it? What parts of the picture am I missing?