That's what arrays are for.

Arrays are useful for some kinds of things, for sure, but not when you have some very different parameters, especially if they are of different kinds. It would be weird to replace getUser({userId, databaseId, params}) with something like getUser([inputs]) where inputs is an array of [userId, databaseId, params].

What software does this well?

Depends on your definition of "well", but things like Microsoft Word and to what I believe is a lesser extent Google Docs at least have ways of formally handling footnotes/endnotes, which is better than not using these features (like, in most internet comment editors).

10 endnotes? Break the document up into sections, and the footnotes up into sections.

That could work in some cases. I haven't seen that done much on most online blog posts. Also, there's definitely controversy if this is a good idea.

Authors also could not re-order the footnotes.

Fair point, but this would be seen as lazy, and could be confusing. If your footnotes are numbers [8], [2], [3], [1], etc. that seems unpolished. That said, I wouldn't mind this much, and it could be worth the cost.

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