One of my issues with LessWrong is the naming system. There's by now quite a bit of terminology to understand; the LessWrong wiki seems useful here. But there's no strong process from what I understand. People suggest names in their posts, these either become popular or don't. There's rarely any refactoring.

One of the issues with this in both an academic and LW context is that changing the name of something in a single source of truth codebase is much cheaper than changing the name of something in a community. The more popular an idea, the more cost goes up to change the name. Similarly, when you're working with a single organization, creating a process that everyone follows is relatively cheap compared to a loosely tied together community with various blogs, individuals, and organizations coining their own terms.

ozziegooen's Shortform

by ozziegooen 31st Aug 2019127 comments