Should I be saving for retirement, though? A lot of people seem to recommend this. But it's unclear if this is a good idea, because I'm trading off against time now -- and it seems pretty likely that time now is more useful.

At first, I thought that saving for retirement is obviously a good idea, because you're probably going to retire at some point, and you're going to need money, and how else are you going to get it? Then I realized that I don't actually know why people retire. I mean, for physical work, it's pretty obvious (performing the same tasks becomes more difficult as you grow older), but what about mental work?

you don't think mental abilities start degrading in old age?

What's Your Hourly Rate?

by katydee 1 min read11th Sep 201314 comments


Here's an interesting post about calculating the value of your free time and why it might not be as simple as some tend to think.