Is Eliezer alive and well? He's not said anything here (or on Hacker News, for that matter) for a month...

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Eliezer Yudkowsky and Massimo Pigliucci just recently had a dialogue on The title is The Great Singularity Debate.

After Yudkowsky at the beginning gives three different definitions of "the singularity" they discuss strong artificial intelligence and consciousness. Pigliucci is the one who quite quickly takes the discussion from intelligence to consciousness. Just before that they discuss whether simulated intelligence is actually intelligence. Yudkowsky made an argument (something like) if the AI can solve problems over a suffic... (read more)

5gwern10yYou can tell he's alive and well because he's posted several chapters in his Harry Potter fanfiction in that time; his author's notes lead me to believe that, as he stated long ago, he's letting LW drift so he has time to write his book.
0Jack10yQuestion: Who is moderating if Eliezer isn't?

Open Thread: May 2010

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You know what to do.

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