There seem to be three different types of people involved in hallucinogen research — those who synthesize, characterize, and consume hallucinogenic substances; those who are passionate about rat brains, state-of-the-art agonists, and beta-ray radiography of thin slides of tissue after the administration of labeled ligands; and those who are engaged in the actual care and study of persons with schizophrenia. Apparently these three groups do not talk to each other, or at least not much.

-Steve Beyer

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I have never seen a poorer state of interdisciplinary research than I have on the topic of ayahuasca.

I think that might be because in this case you have access to the accounts of psychonauts because the psychonautic community doesn't have secrecy provisions.

In the field that have the poorest interdisciplinary research you don't even know that knowledge exists somewhere because the people hold it in secret.

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